grapes: grüner veltliner/riesling                                                                                              If you squint your eyes juuuuust enough and perform some tricky mental gymnastics, you can actually see an admittedly deranged rom-com within the movie “Pulp Fiction” with Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace sharing an oddly charming romance. Their two meet-cutes, at Mia’s house and at Jack Rabbit Slim’s, unfold with witty banter and, eventually, a twist contest, adding a surreal touch to their unexpected chemistry. As their date takes a wild turn with Mia’s overdose, Vincent, like a refugee from a slasher film, plunges a horse needle filled with adrenaline into her heart thus becoming a symbol of their commitment amidst the chaos of their terribly hip and crime-ridden world. And if you need something refreshing to help you swallow the load of baloney I just fed you, then look no further than this zippy go juice from Erich Machherndl called…”Pulp Fiction.” From the Wachau wine region situated along the Danube River in Austria, the area is renowned for its unique microclimate and ancient winemaking traditions that contribute to the production of Rieslings and Grüners that don’t suck and whisk you away on romantic daydreams!

2020 Machherndl Pulp Fiction


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