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Movie night with my lady is always fraught with the indecision, lack of agreement, and endless scrolling that eats up the precious little time we have before going to bed. By the time we’ve landed on a show, we rarely have time to finish it. I guess that’s why we’ve now seen a few dozen Bigfoot documentaries with a smattering of “Ancient Aliens” episodes.  Really, it’s all my fault- she’s pretty agreeable to watching almost anything yet I can’t seem to get behind the modern rom-coms that parade themselves before us. That is, until we watched “It Happened One Night.” It’s pretty much THE original rom-com. Filmed in 1934 and starring Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable, this screwball romantic comedy is a delightful blend of wit, charm, and enduring appeal. While watching, we were drinking this gorgeous Gamay from Burgundy, rife with playful red fruited notes and a lightness that lent itself to being the perfect wine pairing for this film. The Gamay grape is more commonly known as the grape that made Beaujolais famous and IHON is the film that spawned a zillion disagreements between couples on movie nights for 90 years. Gamay and rom-coms, I think I can go with it!  

2020 Devillard ‘Le Renard’ Coteaux Bourguignons


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