grapes: malbec, merlot, petit verdot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc
Dramatic Voiceover: “In a time where the living cling to survival, and the dead roam with vacant eyes…One zombie, trapped between two worlds, will embark on a journey that defies the very nature of his existence…In a world where hope is scarce and connection seems impossible, an unexpected spark will ignite…He was a creature of the night, she was a beacon of humanity. Together, they will challenge the boundaries that separate the living from the undead…A world where the line between life and death blurs, witness a love story that transcends the barriers of mortality…’Warm Bodies’—a tale that proves that even in the coldest of worlds, love has the power to rekindle the warmth within.” Delaire-Graff’s Bordeaux blend is a red wine hug on a chilly day that has the power to reawaken the coldest of hearts. The five grape varieties contained within whisper tales of sun-drenched vineyards and embrace the senses with a bold warmth, gently thawing the icy recesses within. It is a spirited reminder that even the most frostbitten hearts can be reignited by the enchanting alchemy of Stellenbosch.

2020 Delaire-Graff Botmaskop


Delivery: Your everywine bunch wines are delivered every third Saturday of the month between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

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