grapes: nebbiolo
In the Monferrato hills, Bava’s Langhe Nebbiolo, like a career minor league ball player, is overshadowed by its neighbors, Barolo and Barbaresco. Yet, amidst a sea of mass-produced mediocrity, its character speaks of its Nebbiolo heritage. Much like Susan Sarandon’s touch softens Nuke and helps him realize his potential in “Bull Durham,” the Bava family has crafted a delightfully approachable wine from this rough and tumble grape. With 100 years in the game, Bava’s legacy echoes like a ballpark anthem, its Langhe Nebbiolo fighting for the big league recognition it deserves. Resilient, yet underappreciated, it’s a testament to the power of experience and perseverance. Just as Crash Davis battled for recognition for his home run record in “Bull Durham,” Bava’s Langhe Nebbiolo fights for its place on the podium of Piedmontese wines. And we are grateful for its relative anonymity as we benefit from the resulting affordable prices of a  resilient underdog, destined for greatness, yet to be fully recognized. 

2020 Bava Langhe Nebbiolo


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