category: Trampoline Wine

from: Collio, Italy

grapes: merlot

Hey, check this out!  It looks like Uncle Luigi is about to get on the trampoline! 

– Hahahaha!  Seriously?!  There’s no way I’m missing this. 

– Here. Let me pour you some of this kick ass juice I’m drinking. Merlot from Italy!

– Oh crap, there he goes..wait, Merlot from Italy? Didn’t ‘Sideways’ kill Merlot?

– Nope. Just consumer perception. Try it!

– Damn, this is really tasty! What did you say the nam…Oh no, Luigi!!!

– Wow!  He’s getting up!!  What were you just asking?

– Um, oh yeah. What’s the name of this wine?

– Venica and Venica from Collio in northwest Italy. 

– Duuuude. I’ve been totally wrong about Merlot for so long now.

– You just stopped giving it a chance… kind of like outgrowing a trampoline. 

– Totally! They’re always fun; we just stop jumping.

2019 Venica & Venica Merlot


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