category: Aftermath Wine

from: Sardegna, Italy

grapes: Cannonau

Surveying the aftermath of yet another successful backyard bbq you see Uncle Luigi, red wine stain emblazoned on his t-shirt, peacefully slumbering on a fold out chair precariously perched at the edge of the pool. The kids are up to something but you don’t mind because they’re being quiet. You note that there’s a tray of fruit nestled on a floaty bobbing in the middle of the pool. You stand next to the grill, your job completed, and stare vacantly at the dying embers that radiate an eerie glow as the day fades into night. There’s still a mountain of grilled delicacies that haven’t been touched and you realize you haven’t eaten all day. It’s your time now and you grab a glass of something that’s open and tuck into the grilled meat staring at you. As you’re chowing down you realize how well this wine seems to be working with the food. You look at the bottle and see it’s Cannonau from Sardinia, also known as Grenache, which is absolutely perfect for grilled meats. 

2019 Surrau ‘Naracu’


Sold out.

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