Talk to anyone who’s seen “A Christmas Story” and they’ll tell you there’s one scene we all remember. On his way to school Ralphie meets two friends, Flick and Schwartz. They argue over what would happen should someone stick their tongue to a frozen flagpole; engaging in a delicate nuance of phrase during which Schwartz “triple-dog-dares” Flick to stick his tongue to the pole. Boldly, Flick presses his tongue to the pole only to find it stuck tight. Some would say, “poor Flick.”  We, however, think differently. Flick had the guts to try something outside of his comfort zone and walk away with a helluva story to tell. Muller-Thurgau is the wine equivalent of that frozen flagpole: the unknown beckoning you to try something new. Created by a Swiss botanist in 1882, Muller-Thurgau can be pretty neutral, but this beauty sourced from vineyards in the picturesque Dolomites has a food-friendly intensity . Try it. We triple-dog-dare you!!!

2019 Pojer e Sandri “Palai”


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