category: You Thought I Was Merlot!

from: Curico Valley, Chile

grapes: carmenére
Deep in the shadowy world of wine, there lurks a dark and sinister secret. Carmenére, once thought to be extinct, has risen from its grave in Bordeaux and taken a new form in the Andes mountains. With its rich brooding flavor, it can be mistaken for the softer and more innocent Merlot. But beware, my lovelies, for beneath its velvety smoothness lies a darkness that can barely be discerned by skilled tasters. A single sip of this wine has been known to blur the line between these two grapes; transporting the imbiber to a world of mystery and intrigue. Cunning and sly, for many generations Carmenére grew in the same vineyards as Merlot, tricking countless winemakers into thinking it was merely the latter grape. In time, this vinous doppelgänger had the last laugh. It had stretched out its tendrils to such an extent that the only thing left for winemakers to do was acquiesce and make wines that MAKE YOU SAY OOOOOOHHHHHH! 

2019 Miguel Torres Cordillera


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