category: The Wine For Winos

from: Puglia – Salice Salentino, Italy

grapes: Negroamaro

Uncle Luigi is the family sommelier or, as he would prefer to be called, the family wino. Yes, he has been known to pin a beach towel over his shoulders and run about chasing the kids like a plump caped cheetah haplessly hunting for his next meal but his wine knowledge is extraordinary. Uncle Luigi knows that Negroamaro is a relatively unheralded grape from Puglia (the stiletto heel of the boot) that produces a robust wine with deep color and savory flavors. And in between games of Marco Polo in the pool, Uncle Luigi stomps around the backyard bbq topping off everyone’s glass with this magical wine made by Li Veli. With a purple toothed grin, Uncle Luigi loves to regale the partygoers with a confusing mix of random chatter and wine connoisseurship that may or may not include the fact that Li Veli is a renowned winery in Puglia that’s been around since the 17th century and is the preeminent producer of Negroamaro. Or he might just burp. 

2019 Li Veli ‘Pezzo Morgana’ Riserva


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