My beloved California Chardonnay,

We need to talk. There’s someone else, but please don’t take offense.  You’re totally great. Your golden hue has always filled me with a sense of warmth and comfort, as if I were basking in the light of a summer’s day.  But my heart and loins have been stirred by another, a foreigner with mystery and intrigue. They call him Godello (Go-Day-Yo) from Valdeorras is NW Spain. He’s an exotic specimen  from a small gold mining village that honors his family’s long history, staying true to traditional minimal interventionist farming practices. His virtues don’t end there and I would be remiss not to mention his incredible taste, which send shockwaves down my spine. You guys should really meet!  Anyway, forgive me for waxing poetic about this new force that captures my heart. In the meantime, try not to call me.  I need some space.  Cheers!


2019 Ladeiras do Xil Gaba do Xil Godello Branco


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