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The so called “most interesting man in the world” has nothing on Ernesto Catena.  Case in point is the life Ernesto led BEFORE becoming a winemaker. A true bon vivant and polymath, Ernesto has traveled and lived all over the world while chasing various University degrees and lovers. While a skilled writer, painter, art collector, horseman, polo player, and ladies’ man, it felt like something was missing from his life. The answer came when he first tried a wine made from the mysterious Bonarda grape; a variety that is still unknown to most of the world. He distilled his zest for life into the pursuit of making otherworldly Bonardas. In fact, he was keen to create a wine about which little was known so that the wine was judged solely on how the taster perceived it. We at everywine are super crazy about this beautiful wine and were stunned to learn that Bonarda is Argentina’s second most widely planted grape!

2019 Alma Negra ‘M Blend’


Sold out.

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