Who says traditional wine can’t be marketed in an untraditional way… even in Italy! The Inamas have a fairly typical story. Patriarch (is this a bad word?), Guiseppe founded the Veneto winery 1948. In 1991, his son Stefano joined the operation, eventually passing it along to his sons Matteo, Alessio, and Luca in the 2010s. So what do handsome Italian winemakers in their 20s do once dad hands them the keys? Apparently, they take it for a fearless joy ride going top speed right through the walls of tradition. The brothers made big changes to the wines, still offering their family’s classic line, but experimenting with unexpected grapes like this Carmenere. And if you’re going to make something untraditional, why would you promote it in a normal way? Do yourself a favor and check out @alessio_inama on Instagram and follow along as he travels the world, popping corks, shaking hands, and making content. Expect to see funny skits, irreverent photos, and insight into the marketing side of the modern wine world. And it’s working. These wines are blowing up across the planet and they’ve only just begun!

2019 Inama ‘Piu’


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