Country: Italy
Region: Toscana
Style: Pick a Finger!

Bolgheri, from where this delicious wine hails, is the birthplace of “Super Tuscans.”  With a middle finger pointing straight to the government, some rogue winemakers from the area decided to use Bordeaux grapes in flouting the established regulations for winemaking in the late 60s. But there was one big snag. To make wine outside of the D.O.C. guidelines meant calling this new juice “table wine” which was considered the bottom rung, which couldn’t have been further from the truth. It didn’t take long for the hype about Super Tuscans to spread and by 1994 the powers that be were forced to create a new tier just for them, I.G.T.  Forgive us if the repeated use of acronyms proves to be confusing; particularly that of D.O.C.  It means ‘Denominazione di Origine Controllata’ which is a classification system based on where and how wines are made in Italy.  It’s an imperfect, confusing system, probably by design!  That’s amore!

2018 Poggio al Tesoro Mediterra


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