category: Im Zinging In The Rain!

from: Toscana, Italy

grapes: Merlot, Sangiovese, Syrah, Petit Verdot

The following ad was payed for by the Tuscan Winemakers Association:

Hey there, grill masters and party enthusiasts! It’s your favorite backyard BBQ guardian, Uncle Luigi, here to share a little secret with you. When the sausages are sizzling, the laughter is flowing, and the summer sun is high, there’s one wine that never fails to bring out the best in our festive gatherings: Petra ‘Zingari’ Rosso from the hills of Suvereto on the Tuscan Coast! As I’m chasing the kids and swinging my arms about wildly, this exquisite wine adds that extra ‘oomph’ I need to keep up with all the little bambinos that come at me like crazed moths to the flame. With its spicy and fruity flavors, ‘Zingari’ enhances the smoky goodness of our grilled delights, making every bite and sip a true delight. So, fellow BBQ enthusiasts, grab a bottle of ‘Zingari’ and let the good times roll! Salute!

2018 Petra ‘Zingari’ Toscano Rosso


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