Dearest Cali Pinot,

We were pretty great together for a while. Sometimes we meiomi’d and every once in a while we’d put on our finest duds and get our belle glos on. And those trips to Sonoma were totally magical. But the strangest thing happened. I met a european that reminded me of you… just a few millennia older and wiser: red burgundy. It was a bit more sophisticated and made for more interesting dinner conversation, given how practiced it was as a dining companion. While you were always the life of the party and a true extrovert, burgundy swirls around the glass with quiet confidence and restraint. It’s not that it’s better than you… just different. and I find myself intoxicated with the mystery of its more rustic nature. You should take it as a compliment, really.  After all, you’re made from the same grape. But for the time being, my heart belongs in eastern hills of France.


2018 Nicolas Rossignol Bourgogne


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