2018 Marichal Tannat 'Reserve'


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Country: Uruguay
Region: Canelones
Style: Putting Cabs in the corner

Tannat is the mythological beast that the hero barely tames by the end of an epic battle.  And like many of the beast’s foes, countless winemakers have bowed their head in defeat when grappling with such a powerful grape. That’s what makes drinking these magnificent wines from Uruguay so special; it takes a truly remarkable person to produce anything from this grape that doesn’t frighten all but the most foolhardy of souls.  In fact, a little known legend says that Hercules was fortified with wine made from Tannat when he defeated Cerberus in battle. All myths aside, Tannat, with its high octane tannins and spice driven character, is a beast you need to uncage at least an hour before drinking.

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