category: Bordeaux Ain’t Just For Fancy Folks

from: Bordeaux Supérieur, France

grapes: cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot

Hey. I have Champagne taste but, most of the time, I’m on a beer budget. And when I get the chance to chop it up with wine VIPs, I just go for it. Everyone at these bottle exchanges likes to bring baller wines and one-up each other with stuff that elicits the various “Oooohs and Aaaaahs” that make these VIPs beam with ego-induced self importance. Some time back I’m mixing it up at one of these gatherings and I’m hitting it kinda hard; tasting everything in front of me as indiscriminately as a teenager learning how to drink. This particular shindig was a Bordeaux tasting and the denizens of this soirée did not disappoint. I was over the moon. I was drinking like the one-percenters! Then I tried this little gem by the famed Château La Gaffelière which easily blended in with the rest the offerings that night. Then I found out how little the bottle cost and I bought a case!!!

2018 Château Chapelle d’Aliénor Bordeaux


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