Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Style: Wine for those who know

Catarratto Bianco is the most planted white wine grape in Sicily, the backbone for Marsala fortified wine, and for use in making industrial alcohol. Yet, through the fog of uninspiring swill that is made in abundance with this grape, a few producers make beautiful wines that show off the potential of this forsaken grape. Enter Caruso e Minini. Founded in the early part of the 20th century, this winery eventually landed in the loving hands of the Caruso sisters, Giovanna and Rosanna. Together they introduced organic and biodynamic farming practices, native yeast fermentation, and natural winemaking practices that have elevated their wines into an international sensation.  Their Catarratto is enjoyed in over 30 countries world-wide and have opened the eyes of skeptics near and far with its easy-drinking appeal. Pick up a bottle and raise a glass to congratulate yourself for being “in the know.”  Salud!

2018 Caruso e Minini Catarratto


Sold out.

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