After reading “Carpe Diem Regained: The Vanishing Art of Seizing the Day,” I was shocked to discover that the meaning of Carpe Diem had been hijacked. Big advertising turned it into a belief that life is short so grab everything you can before it’s too late. The good news is that the motto Carpe Diem reminds us to make the most of the present moment rather than angst about the uncertainty of the future. Instead of lying on the sofa and cramming Funyuns into your mouth while putting tasks or activities on hold until tomorrow, get off your ass and call your friend you’ve been thinking about for a while or challenge the neighborhood kids to a game of kickball!  ‘Time Waits For No One’ has got to be the perfect wine for embracing this concept if only for the label itself. Go ahead and open a bottle today to learn a little about the Monastrell grape: a bold, smoky red wine wine found in Central Spain and Southern France because, well, time waits for no one. 

2017 Time Waits For No One


Sold out.

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