category: Magical Wine

from: Elqui Valley, Chile

grapes: shiraz/syrah, malbec, carménère

Within the mysterious realm of winemaking, a forgotten grape variety emerged from the shadows, defying extinction like a supernatural force. Once thought lost forever, the Bordelaise Carménère grape resurfaced in the vineyards of Chile, capturing the attention of curious minds. As if in an episode of “Stranger Things,” a group of intrepid winemakers paid homage to this spectral grape, weaving a tale of resilience and revival encapsulated in the 2017 vintage of Elqui Wines’ Red Blend. Like magic, the addition of Syrah and Malbec created a transformative dimension, infusing the wine with an otherworldy force – the obscure Elqui Valley, a mystical desert oasis. Many travelers claim that entering Elqui Valley feels like entering another world, surrounded by harsh, vast desert, yet somehow lush with orchards and Pisco vines.  All this under the cover of one of the clearest skies on earth. The Upside Down has never been more beautiful. 

2017 Elqui Wines Red Blend


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