The Fernández Rivera family’s fourth winery, El Vínculo, sits nearby the iconic Campo de Criptana windmills in the northern part of the D.O. La Mancha and is a tribute to and a continuity of the winemaking tradition of the Fernández Rivera family. The name El Vínculo, meaning “union” or “link,” symbolizes both the connection that the winery forms between the two Castile regions (Castilla La Mancha and Castilla y León) and a commemoration of the namesake wine cellar owned by the grandparents of the family company’s newest generation. After traveling the length and breadth of La Mancha, they discovered old Tempranillo vines, perfectly adapted to the area. Convinced that the quality potential was immense, they insisted on a new way of working the La Mancha vineyards. By sourcing fruit through long-term contracts with quality growers, the family ensures consistent quality and quantity, the ultimate goal of every producer.

2017 El Vinculo Crianza


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