grapes: tempranillo
We love mind-bending contrasts. Like a deranged Henry David Thoreau, watching an ant marching off with the leg of a grasshopper without a care in the world.  Ahh, the circle of life. But let’s digress. We really love the romantic notion of old vine wines. And in the season of new beginnings (hint: spring), it’s a mind-bending contrast that we can definitely get behind. Check this out: the Tempranillo vines used for this wine were planted in 1900, 1947, 1954, 1956, and 1958!  Shoot, just calling the grape used to make this ‘Tempranillo’ wouldn’t do it justice. So the Spaniards minted this special clone ’ Tinta de Toro’ named for the region from which it hails.  Back in the Middle Ages, it was the most famous winemaking region of Spain. So grab a glass of this powerful elixir while you’re isolated in nature, open up your copy of Walden, and take in the beautiful chaos of life.

2017 Bodegas Ordonez ‘Triton’ Tinta de Toro


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