We know all about the Roman Empire, The French Revolution, and the World Wars. But do you know about the Great French Wine Blight of the 19th Century that nearlyn decimated the European wine industry? Microscopic, pale yellow sap-sucking insects fed on the roots and leaves of grapevines, resulting deformations on roots, gradually cutting off the flow of nutrients and water to the vine. Desperate not to lose their wine entirely, Bordeaux winemakers travelled to Rioja and invested heavily in the region in order to continue making wine until a solution could be found. Before the Phylloxera epidemic, Spanish wine was largely produced as bulk wine, which was not intended to be aged nor did it command the prestige and prices as the fine wines from France did. But that little bug put Rioja on the world stage. Today, modern tastes have triggered a shift in Rioja from the more traditional medium-bodied and balanced Bordeaux-esque style to a more big and bold drinking experience. Hermanos de Peciña preserves the rustic traditions of longer oak and bottle aging and this 7-year old is the current release!

2016 Señorio de P. Peciña Crianza


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